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Design Technology

We believe that Design and Technology should be used to promote an understanding of the world around us, recognition of past technologies, acknowledgment of current technologies and anticipating future ones. Through student interaction we hope to ensure that they become successful problem solvers as well as knowledgeable, confident and discerning consumers.

Newfield School Design and Technology aims to develop students’ Cultural capital. This will see them mature into socially responsible adults capable of making a positive impact in today’s ever changing society, be it voluntarily, in employment, further training or higher education.


The curriculum is enjoyable and challenging and builds skills from foundation at KS3 to high level at KS4. Our students gain experience of a wide range of tools and media including CAD/CAM in well-paced, enjoyable, structured lessons in a safe and well managed environment. We seek to provide high quality teaching and learning that is innovative, inspirational, and student-centred.


At KS3 students are taught DT for 1 hour per week operating on a traditional carousel system. Entitled ‘Product Design’ throughout KS3, students cover the main focus areas of Electronics, Food, Resistant Materials and Textiles. Offering students a thorough experience of each principle fully prepares them in making an informed decision towards the end of Y9 where they are given the option of either Product Design or Food Preparation and Nutrition GCSE.


These courses have three dedicated one hour periods in Year 10 and the same in Year 11. Each specialist area offers ‘out of hours’ learning support and an open door policy, particularly at the Controlled Assessment stage.

Both GCSE courses follow the same format with a Controlled Assessment (practical) component worth 60% of the grade and the Terminal Examination based upon a theoretic component which is worth 40% of the total grade.  The Controlled Assessment can be completed at any time in the duration of the course but the Terminal Examination must be completed at the end of Year 11.  The Design and Technology suite of examinations are single tier papers.  They are differentiated to give students access to all grades A* to G.

We follow the AQA exam specification.  More information can be found at http://www.aqa.org.uk/.