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The ethics department include the following subject’s: religious studies, PSHE, citizenship and sociology

The ethics curriculum provides an excellent opportunity for students to develop their social, moral and cultural and ideas and understanding. Much emphasis is placed on students' personal development, helping them to understand the multi-cultural and multi-faith world they live in and their own place in that world. The department also focuses on students’ personal and economic wellbeing. Students have an opportunity to do this through groups and class discussion of topical ethical and moral issues, often issues that are newsworthy, enabling and encouraging students to stay abreast of current affairs. Students are encouraged to develop both their oracy in addition to their written skills; both are equally valued. Success in ethics is dependent on students’ ability to understand, analyse and evaluate the world around them. Students may approach ethics from an atheist, agnostic or theist background however, success in the subject is dependent on ability to understand, analyse and evaluate, rather than on personal beliefs.

Key Stage 3

In key stage 3 students are taught a range of topics that from religious studies, PSHE and citizenship. The religious studies elements follow the Sheffield locally agreed syllabus statement


·         Identity and community

·         Staying safe in my world 

·         What are the challenges of being a Christian, Muslim or Atheist in Sheffield?

·         Healthy lifestyles and relationships

·         Citizenship project : global issues

·         Living  in a multi-faith society

·         Careers and economic wellbeing (delivered through tutor time)


·         Healthy Minds / Healthy Bodies

·         Healthy relationships

·         The Young Philosopher

·         Democracy (with a focus on extremism an terrorism)

·         Drugs and Alcohol

·         Crime and Justice

·         Careers and Economic wellbeing (delivered through tutor time)

Key Stage 4

Enrichment days:

Elements of PSHE are delivered through the enrichment days through the school year. These topics broadly comprise of: sex and relationships, drugs, sexual exploitation and mental health and careers.

Tutor Time:

Careers and Economic wellbeing is delivered through tutor time in KS4


The ethics department provides a core GCSE and a GCSE that can be chosen through options in Y9.

In Y9 all students start working towards a full GCSE in Religious Studies as one of the core GCSES.  Students follow the Edexcel specification (2RS01).  This specification follows the principles of the ethics departments and allows students to look at topical issues from both their own personal perspective and a religious perspective. Students study the following topics:


Believing in God

Matters of Life and Death

Crime and Punishment


Marriage and the Family

Religion and Community Cohesion

Rights and responsibilities


Environment and medical issues

Peace and Conflict

The option subject offered by the ethics department is GCSE sociology from the AQA exam board. Sociology is the scientific study of society and social interaction. Students are encouraged to look at the world around them from the perspective of a sociologist focuses on how everything works with reference to gender; social class and race

Students study the following topics:

·      Studying Society

·      Family

·      Education

·      Mass Media

·      Crime and Deviance

·      Power

We follow the Pearson exam specification.  More detailed information can be found at http://qualifications.pearson.com/en/home.html

Extra-curricular activities

The ethics department makes use of the departmental visits that the university of Sheffield social science and philosophy depart offer. We have an annual trio to the showroom where students work with PhD students and analyse the philosophical, ethical and sociological elements of a particular film. This year we will be broadening our extracurricular activities to include visits to places of worship in Sheffield, reginal skills event in Leeds and also to take part in the Y10/Y11 University of Sheffield sociology conference.