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The geography curriculum reflects our rapidly-changing world and includes examples relevant to the 21st Century and to students’ own lives. The topics cover a variety of scales, from local and regional to international and global.  Geography tackles the big issues – climate change, sustainable development, waste and energy and a range of aspects of both physical and human geography.  Students will develop their responsibilities as global citizens and recognise how they can contribute to a future that is sustainable and inclusive.

Lower School Curriculum

In lower school students learn about a range of topics that develop their understanding of the world in which we live.  Students have 2 lessons of Geography per week in lower school.

Year 7

Geography Passport to the world

Weather and Climate





Year 8


Middle East

Risky World




Upper School Curriculum

Geography is a popular option in upper school.  Students in year 9 have 2 lessons of Geography a week, students in years 10 and 11 have 3 lessons of Geography a week.  We prepare students for the AQA Geography GCSE Specification.

The topics covered are split in to 3 examinations which incorporate the following content, as well as essential geographical and cartographical skills:

Paper 1: Living with the physical environment (35%)

Section A: The challenge of natural hazards

Section B: The living world

Section C: Physical landscapes in the UK

Paper 2: Challenges in the human environment (35%)

Section A: Urban issues and challenges

Section B: The changing economic world

Section C: The challenge of resource management

Paper 3: Geographical applications (30%)

Section A: Issue evaluation

Section B: Fieldwork

The content for the course is covered throughout the 2 or 3 year course, starting with skills in year 9, paper 1 in year 10 and paper 2 in year 11.

Further information on the GCSE specification can be found at: http://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/geography/gcse/geography-8035 

Helpful Revision

The changes to all new GCSE Geography specifications now mean that the course is 100% examined. Therefore it is essential to ensure that revision takes place prior to examinations. There is a revision guide available to purchase through school which links directly to the AQA GCSE specification. We recommend that these are used alongside students’ classwork and any useful digital resources to ensure revision is effective.

Please see below for some useful digital revision resources:



Whilst the new Geography examinations are testing knowledge, there is also a great focus on geographical thinking. This is the ability to evaluate, judge and apply knowledge from across the whole course in various contexts. It is therefore vital that regular exam practice is also completed as part of revision to be able to practice this way of thinking. Practice exam questions are set regularly as homework, they are contained within the revision guide and are available on the exam specification website also.

Extra-curricular activities

The geography department is committed to offering a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities in 2017-18 across all year groups:

Year 7 – Educational visit to Blackpool (for our ‘Tourism’ unit).

Year 8 - Educational visit to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park (for ‘Survival’ unit).

Year 9/10 – Educational visit to the Holderness Coastline (for the physical fieldwork element).

Year 11 – Educational visit to Sheffield (for the human fieldwork element).

Year 9/10/11- Educational visit to the Naples region in Italy (links to tectonics and coasts)

Year 10/11- Educational visit to Iceland in conjunction with King Ecgbert School (links to physical processes and tectonics)