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Newfield's History department aims to enthuse and inspire students in the study of the past. We believe that history plays an important part in the school curriculum, covering important historical events which shape the world we live in today. History develops understanding of the values we live with in British society and how these have been developed. Importantly history enables pupils to develop a range of valuable skills such as critical thinking, evaluation of sources of evidence and effective communication.

Key Stage 3

Students at Key Stage 3 study chronological topics of British, European and World History in overviews and in depth.


·         Romans skills unit

·         The Battle of Hastings and Norman control of England

·         The Medieval Church and the death of Thomas Becket

·         Interpretations of Robin Hood

·         Castles from 1066 to the Tudors

·         The Black Death

·         Tudor Monarchs

·         Life in Elizabethan England

·         The Gunpowder plot


·         Interpretation of Pirates

·         The French Revolution

·         Slavery and Abolition

·         The Industrial Revolution

·         Victorian towns and cholera 

·         The British Empire

·         Life in Britain in 1900


·         World War I and Trench warfare

·         Peace and the Treaty of Versailles

·         The suffragettes

·         Hitler's rise to power and life in Nazi Germany

·         The Holocaust 

·         World War II

·         Civil rights post 1945

Key Stage 4

History is a popular option at Key Stage 4.  We prepare students for the AQA GCSE Specification A.

There are two exams and a controlled assessment unit.

Paper 1:  Medicine Through time (35%)

This is divided into three themes which span the Ancient World to the 21st century: 

·         Disease and Infection

·         Surgery and Anatomy

·         Public health in Britain 

Paper 2:  The American West (40%)

This is an in-depth study which covers 1840-1895 in the USA:

·         The Plains Indians

·         The early settlers

·         Cowboys and the cattle industry

·         Homesteaders, settlers on the plains

·         Law and Order

·         The struggle for the Plains

Controlled Assessment (25%)

This is based on the site of Quarry Bank Mill in Styal, Cheshire

Students visit the site, study source material and are taught the background before preparing two answers to questions which change every year.  The current year 10 and 11 cohort are the last to be doing controlled assessment as the new GCSE specifications have moved to 100% examination from September 2016.

We currently follow the AQA exam board specification, more detailed information can be found at http://www.aqa.org.uk/

Extra-curricular activities

In June 2015 the history department organised a successful visit to Normandy with 30 students to visit the D-Day landings.