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The mathematics department at Newfield School has a clear and strong vision for all of its students.  We aim to ensure that:

  • The students learn mathematical concepts rather than simply memorize procedures – they ask ‘Why do we use this process?’
  • Students solve problems relevant to real world situations
  • Students reason and communicate their reasoning every day
  • Students work together to learn mathematics
  • Teachers set high expectations for all their students and provide opportunities for success.

Key Stage 3

All classes in Key Stage 3 have four lessons per week.  Three of these lessons follow the national curriculum in line with the newly approved GCSE AQA specification using the Mastery principle.  The fourth lesson is delivered as brain training with the aim of consolidating basic numeracy skills and developing problem solving techniques.

Key Stage 4

All students follow the AQA GCSE specification in mathematics throughout Key Stage 4.  Students will be entered for either a Higher or a Foundation level paper.

In Y11 each group has four lessons per week; fortnightly a lesson is focussed on exam style questions to increase their familiarity with the format of their final examination. Mock exams are held twice per year as milestones for students to monitor their progress.

More detailed information on the exam specification can be found at http://www.aqa.org.uk/

Extra-curricular activities

A maths club is held 3 lunch times per week within the department where students can complete homework, ask teachers for help with work, or simply to play mathematical or logical games.

A problem solving club will be held once per week, open to all students at lunch time to try the puzzle of the week.

Year 11 afterschool revision sessions are held throughout the year on a weekly basis for all students, along with homework drop in sessions twice per week in the morning.