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The mathematics department at Newfield School has a clear and strong vision for all of its students.  We aim to ensure that:

  • The students learn mathematical concepts rather than simply memorize procedures – they ask ‘Why do we use this process?’
  • Students solve problems relevant to real world situations
  • Students reason and communicate their reasoning every day
  • Students work together to learn mathematics
  • Teachers set high expectations for all their students and provide opportunities for success

Lower School – Year 7 and 8

All classes in lower school have five lessons per week.  Four of these lessons follow the national curriculum in line with the newly approved GCSE specification using the Mastery principle.  All classes follow a bespoke scheme of learning based upon initial testing each term.

The fifth lesson each week is often delivered by a different maths specialist and is called brain training.  This lesson is used to consolidate basic numeracy skills but also to develop problem solving techniques which are a key to success within the demands of the new GCSE.  The problems which we aim to solve in these lessons are often abstract maths problems that often have no given answer.  We use these concepts to encourage our students to take risks in their learning and to attempt to instil a confidence in them when first approaching larger maths problems.

Upper School – Year 9, 10 and 11

The maths specification continues to be tiered for entry in the summer of Year 11 with the option of Higher or Foundation.  Currently our students follow:

Higher – AQA specification (possibility of achieving grade 3 to 9)

More detailed information on the higher exam specification can be found at http://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/mathematics/gcse

Foundation – Edexcel specification (possibility of achieving grade 1 to 5)

More detailed information on the foundation exam specification can be found at http://qualifications.pearson.com/en/qualifications/edexcel-gcses/mathematics-2015.html

Helpful Revision


The following websites are all free and do not require a login for students:






We also subscribe to maths watch vle which has videos explaining concepts, worksheets to complete and online questions which are marked for you by the website.  Please contact your child’s maths teacher or Miss Smith for a login.


Revision guides can be bought from the Maths department at a price of £4 each.  They are an excellent support when revising for upcoming exams as there are examples, questions and answers provided.  There are appropriate guides for both Lower School and Upper School; please ask your teacher as to which would be most appropriate for you.

Extra-curricular Activities

Additional maths revision sessions for Year 11’s are provided for all students every Thursday afterschool.

If at any other point you would like some additional help, please do not hesitate to ask any of the maths department at break, lunch or afterschool, we are happy to help you!