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We believe that regular homework is a very important way of improving and embedding the learning taking place in lessons and as such, we have introduced Show My Homework, an online system that allows parents to monitor their child's homework.  


All students have a planner where students can record homework but they can also now access it via Show My Homework.  Teachers will upload all homework that is issued and update the site regularly.  Any concerns about the homework should be written in the planner where tutors will see it when they sign it; alternatively you can contact the Head of Year.

All students in Key Stage 3 receive homework every week for core subjects: English, Maths, Science and Spanish. The type of task and outcome may vary, but each homework should take around 30 minutes  to complete.

We feel that homework provides opportunities for students to engage in longer periods of study and so, in addition to regular core subject homework, students will also receive one extended homework per week.  These pieces of homework are set from a subject rotation of:

PSHE, Citizenship, History, Geography, Art, ICT, Music, Drama, RE, Business  and Design Technology.

These ‘extended’ homeworks offer more scope for a variety of tasks and will often comprise of small projects and are designed to help develop cross-curricular learning skills in addition to specific subject content.  Students will have around a week to complete each of these extended homeworks and sometimes longer, depending on when the subject is scheduled in their timetable.

From the outset, students need to be mindful of plagiarism and ensure they record the source of any information they gather from the Internet or other reference materials.  Parents should also encourage their child to use other sources of information other than the Internet.

Any concerns about the homework should be written in the diary where Tutors will see it when they sign the diary.