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How do students pay for their lunch? 

They will be shown how to do this on their first day.  Newfield operates a biometric system.  More information on this system can be found in the Parent and Carer Handbook or on our Data Collection Booklet.  It is hoped that parents or carers will be able to put money on their child's account electronically in the not too distant future.  

What happens if a student feels unwell? 

Students should go to their Head of Year.  Parents or carers will be contacted if the school feels that a student needs to go home.

What happens if a student needs to leave school early? 

Parents or carers will need to write a note in their child's Planner.  Students will then need to take it to the Attendance Officer on the ground floor who will provide them with an out-of-school pass.

Can students leave site during lunchtime?

To ensure student safety, we ask that Years 7 to 10 students, stay on site whenever possible.  We will need parents or carers written permission if they want students to go off site and they will need to take responsibility for their child's safety and behaviour during this time.  

What happens if a student loses their Planner?

Students should go to their Head of Year.  Planners will be replaced but students will be charged £5.  

If students forget their planner, they will have one opportunity to get a replacement (free of charge), however, if it happens a second time they will be isolated until its located or they purchase a replacement.  

What happens if either parents, carers or students have a question about school or worries about anything especially during the summer holidays? 

The school operates a skeleton staff over the Summer.  You can email us at enquiries@newfield.sheffield.sch.uk and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

What happens if a student is being bullied? 

Students should contact their Head of Year immediately. 

Can students bring mobile phones to school?

Learning could be interrupted if another student sends a text or instant message during lessons.  To stop this and to minimise any misuse of mobile phones, we reserve the right to confiscate any mobile phone being used during lesson time or used inappropriately during social time.