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Adverse Weather Advice

During periods of adverse weather conditions, information will always be posted on our website and depending on the severity of the conditions, text messages will also be sent to parents.  Conditions will be monitored closely throughout the day with updates on any changes posted on the website.  

Background information about school closures 

We are sometimes asked why school closes during severe weather conditions. 

Firstly, we make every attempt to keep the school open.  The site supervisors clear snow and grit the school service road and paths. 

A decision to close the school is not taken lightly.  Our priority is the health and safety of students and staff.  Most of our staff live some distance from the school; if road conditions make it impossible for them to get to school we will not be able to provide adequate supervision for students.  So even though students who live close to school can get in during heavy snow, very few staff can do so (given the school’s location on a steep hill surrounded by narrow streets).  This is the main reason why the school may either open late (to allow extra time for staff to get to school) or not at all. 

There may also be rare occasions when we have to close early to enable staff and students to get home safely if conditions deteriorate during the day.  In this case, the building will always remain open, with supervision, for students to remain warm and dry until they are picked up or have made arrangements to go home. 

When school is open we expect students to make every effort to attend. 

On days when severe weather is forecast, the Headteacher is in contact with other members of the Senior Leadership Team and the site supervisor between 5.30am and 6.00am to assess the situation. Information is then posted on the school website and if there are changes to normal opening arrangements, texts are sent to parents. 

Please note that decisions about whether to close the school are not taken because of impact on league tables for attendance.  Attendance figures take conditions that are beyond the control of school and students into account.