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Punctuality is vital to achievement and attainment at Newfield School. If students are late to school they will receive a detention the same day. Please note that during a child’s journey to and from school they are representing the school and wearing the Newfield School uniform. Poor behaviour may lead to a sanction. Our most successful students are those with excellent attendance and punctuality. 

If travelling by bus your child needs to; 

  • be safe and well behaved on the bus
  • have a safe place to keep their bus pass and ticket
  • know how to be on time and ready at the bus stop in the mornings

The bus service is run by First and the main bus routes serving the school are: 

  • 718 – Manor Top to Newfield School 
  • 20 – Olive Grove to Hemsworth 
  • 723 – Heeley to Norton to Newfield School 


Encouraging our students to walk and cycle to school eases congestion on the school drive and reduces pollution. The safety of our students on their way to and from school is of paramount importance to us. If your child cycles please ensure they are visible to other road users and pedestrians and wears high visibility clothing, lights, reflectors and a helmet. Walking to school provides an excellent opportunity to meet up with friends and extend their social network. When walking to school please ensure your child crosses the road safely and uses designated school paths.