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At Newfield School we want students, no matter their background, to achieve their very best so that they have opportunity and choice throughout their lives.  We will always use educational methods that are supported by the best available evidence so that we allow students to develop their curiosity, gain academic excellence and develop a greater understanding of the world around them.  A fundamental part of this is our use of assessment, as this supports in translating teaching into effective learning. 

We have a clear approach to assessment that incorporates both formative and summative approaches.  The academic year is structured with an ‘Assessment Cycle’ whereby students sit a summative assessment in every subject three times a year – this is outlined in the school calendar.  By sitting these assessments regularly we believe it effectively prepares students for their linear GCSE exams at the end of Year 11, whilst also providing opportunities for teachers to provide detailed feedback on knowledge and exam technique so that students are constantly improving. 

To support students with preparing effectively for summative assessments we have a built in revision week prior to assessment and assessment overviews can be viewed in the downloads section.  These provide more detailed information about what each subject will assess at each assessment point. 

Formative assessment of students’ knowledge and understanding also permeates through all of our day-to-day teaching because this, alongside purposeful feedback, will help all students to flourish and reach their potential.  Some of our approaches for effective formative assessment include: 

  • Frequent low-stakes quizzes 
  • Regular questioning using a variety of evidence-based strategies 
  • Strand 1 feedback 
  • Live marking 
  • Self-assessment led by the teacher using model answers and exemplars 

Parents wishing to know more about assessment and the approaches used at Newfield School should contact Mr Kirton, Assistant Headteacher.