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Extra Curricular

We are committed to ensuring that students have the opportunity to participate in extra curricular activities and enriching experiences. We believe that these compliment our curriculum and help with the personal development of our students, having a positive impact on their cultural capital.

We want Newfield students to be curious about the wider world, committed to becoming a strong citizen, maintain a healthy lifestyle and be considerate to those around them and the planet that we inhabit.

Our extra curricular offer supports our students in achieving this through sporting clubs, creative and cultural activities and gives our students the opportunity to explore the wider world, investigating current topics and debating issues within this.

This offer is essential if we are to support the personal development of our students. There needs to be equity in the offer ensuring that all activities and experiences are accessible by all not just a few. Our aim is that every student experiences, and grows, through our extra curricular and enrichment opportunities throughout their time at Newfield.

Unfortunately in order to maintain our year group bubbles and social distancing our offer is somewhat restricted as we implement the following guidelines

  1. Extra curricular activities should be for one year group only where possible (there may be some exceptions to this dependent on a thorough risk assessment and would maintain social distance)
  2. These should take place within the relevant zone for that bubble on that day
  3. Where this is not possible clubs etc could run across more than one year group via teams in different classrooms or can be run on a rota basis with different year groups on different days/weeks.

Full details of extra curricular activities are announced and updated within the school on a regular basis.