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Film Studies

When you watch a film the joy of being able to relax and escape into another reality is a joyous experience.  Developing fundamental technical language and knowledge of film can underpin a better understanding of what is watched.  Film Studies allows students to gain an appreciation of film as an art form whilst enhancing an understanding of the wider world, for example, by exploring competing values, attitudes and beliefs.

The Film Studies course also incorporates a creative production element where students are be able to put knowledge into practice by making a short film or writing a screenplay. The development of deeper critical and creative thinking gained by studying film can support many different career paths and is a much sought-after transferable skill in both employment and further study.

Film Studies is an extremely enjoyable and worthwhile subject to study and students are continuously challenged and excited by the course. Not only will it change the way a film is watched, but more importantly it will challenge new ways of thinking and enable deeper questioning and different perspectives on a wide range of issues. From Hollywood Cinema to Contemporary UK Film, the films studied have great critical reputations.  They are films of depth and substance which have been purposefully chosen to offer rich and exciting analysis. They represent different time periods and different moments in history showing alternative representations of culture and people.

Film Studies will support learning across the curriculum. The critical skills developed through studying film will also support great progress and knowledge acquisition in GCSE English and Modern Foreign Languages. The deepening historical and cultural perspectives developed during the course can also support key learning episodes in History, Geography, Sociology and other Humanities subjects.  All you need to do, if you want to do film studies, is an open mind and most importantly - a love of film.