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Student Leadership

School Council

We represent the student's voice, giving all students at Newfield School the chance to share their ideas and have their say.  We encourage everyone to think of great ideas to help the school to become even more effective.

At Newfield we have a lower school council for Year 7 and 8 students and an upper school council for Year 9 and 10 students. There are two representatives from each form in each year group that make up our school council. We attend weekly meetings in which we discuss ideas that are taken back to forms for feedback. The minutes of our meetings can be seen in the attachments.

Subject Ambassadors

We want our students to be able to have a platform in which they can express their excitement and enthusiasm for their learning.  A number of our students applied for the role of subject ambassador this year with each subject choosing a successful team through an application process. Please see the attached powerpoint for our successful candidates!

Our ambassadors will be the spokespeople for each subject, promoting within the school and the community.  Each subject will be working with their teams differently however exciting projects that have already been undertaken are the creation of Newfield Now, Newfield’s first ever TV bulletin crew; promotion and delivery of sessions on world book day; creation and management of school wide competitions; peer academic mentoring.